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The Long Museum (West Bund) is open to students and people who are interested 
in contemporary art who have reached the age of 18 to apply for volunteer work in art museums. The content of the work will be related to the cooperation of international first-line luxury brands. Recruitment of volunteers in this library 
is subject to registration, preliminary review, interview, notification registration, participation in volunteer basic training courses, and passing the assessment 
and internship stages to formally obtain the volunteer status of this library.

Guided commentary (need to pass the test); shop; service and assist visitors.

1. Love public welfare undertakings, have dedication, and be able to 
complete the work arranged by Long Museum regularly and quantitatively;
2. People who live, work and study in Shanghai for a long time;
3. Internship 5 days a week, the period is not less than 3 months;

Applicants with the following qualifications are preferred
1. The facial features are upright and decent, at least 18 years old, love contemporary art, have a passion for service and a sense of responsibility;
2. Those who can strictly observe duty time and cooperate with task assignment;

Starting date
1. Training time (admitted): June 25, 2020-July 27;
2. Official working time: July 28th-October 8th, 2020 
(need to guarantee full working time);

1. Cooperate with professional curatorial team and international 
top-tier luxury brands for training;
2. After the successful completion of the voluntary service, you can visit 
the existing exhibition held in the museum for free;
3. Volunteers whose service period expires can be issued a volunteer service certificate by the management department;
4. The museum provides corresponding meal fees and transportation subsidies;

1. Need to sign a "confidentiality agreement", and abide by various 
regulations and duty rules during service;
2. Participate in prescribed education training or training courses, including: pre-employment training, on-site training, on-the-job training;
3. Volunteers must be on duty as usual, and should not be late or leave early;

Application Portal
Interested parties please post your resume to
Please name the email as "Intern + Internship Director + Name 
+ Department + Professional + School"
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