About Us
The Long Museum is a private art museum founded by husband-and-wife art collectors, Mr. Liu Yiqian and Ms. Wang Wei. The museum is located in three iconic sites in the city of Shanghai and Chongqing – the Long Museum Pudong, the Long Museum West Bund and the Long Museum Chongqing. They form a unique ecosystem of "one museum, two cities, three locations." The Long Museum is one the finest private art museums in China and houses a large collection of artworks spanning across countries and generations. 

As world-renowned art collectors, Liu and Wang’s collection at the Long Museum covers multiple categories including traditional and contemporary Chinese art, Chinese revolutionary art, as well as other contemporary artworks that originate from the various parts of the world including Asia, Europe, and the United States. The collection is all-encompassing and vast in number. The Long Museum is committed to art exhibitions, research work, collecting, and the promotion of public education. We believe that it is our responsibility to advance the development and legacy of art. At the same time, we focus a large part of our research on the exciting connections that emerge between ancient and modern art, eastern and western art, presenting the nuanced diversities found in art from a global perspective. The museum aims to show the brilliant achievements of Chinese art history alongside the new perspective that contemporary Chinese art brings to the world. Our endeavors have made us into a world-class private museum.
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