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1. Exhibition/Education
2. Collection Research
3. Career/Media
4. Graphic Designer

1. Love public welfare undertakings, have dedication, and be able to 
complete the work arranged by Long Museum regularly and quantitatively;
2. People who live, work and study in Shanghai for a long time;
3. Internship 5 days a week, the period is not less than 3 months;

Applicants with the following qualifications are preferred
1. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing is preferred
2. Those with experience in art institutions, museums and art galleries are preferred;
3. Those with solid writing and editing skills are preferred;
4. Will use Office, Photoshop, various PC and Mac design drawing software, 
with strong text and picture editing ability is preferred;

1. Daily subsistence allowance;
2. You can visit various exhibitions and lectures of the Long Art Museum for free;
3. Participate in training related to the service of Long Art Museum, and cultivate personal ability in a comprehensive and systematic manner;
4. Have the opportunity to meet with the artist face-to-face and have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the major art museums 
in Shanghai;
5. The service time reaches the requester to issue an internship certificate; 
6. Those who perform well during the work will have the opportunity to 
cooperate with the museum director for a long time;

Application Portal
Interested parties please post your resume to
Please name the email as "Intern + Internship Manager + Name 
+ Department + Professional + School"
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