The flute player

Artist:Chen Yifei Oil on Canvas, 173x173(cm), 1987
Chen Yifei (Chinese, 1946-2005) was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang. In 1965, he graduated from the oil painting training course at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts (now the College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University) and enrolled in the Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute in the same year as the head of an oil painting group. In 1980, he left to study in the United States, focusing on the study and creation of Chinese oil painting. As an artist, film director, designer, and a successful entrepreneur, he is widely recognized by both the industry and the public for his artistry and graceful character. As an extension to his artistic philosophy, Chen has also worked in many fields including film, publishing, and fashion, successfully applying his artistic influence towards bettering various cultural industries. In the Flutist (1987), Chen combines classicism and photorealism to depict the posture and spirit of the flute player during the middle of a performance. 
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