Twelve Blue-and-White “Month” Cups

Kangxi Reign, Qing Dynasty Mouth Diameter:6.6cm Kangxi Six-Character Mark and of the Period

The cups have flared mouths, ring feet, and are thinly potted, with a shinny glaze, delicate outlines, and rich layers. Each cup is decorated with a different floral design representing the twelve months of the lunar calendar, complemented by a different poem with relevance to the particular flower depicted, ending with the seal reading shang (appreciation).The combination of painting, poem and seal on a porcelain surfaces is very literary. Due to the difference in climate between the north and the south, the flowers circulating in different places are different. The flowers on this set of twelve cups are common in the north, and the poems inscribed are all couplets from Tang Dynasty Poems. There are many copies of “Month” cups from the Yongzheng to the Republic of China. Some are blue-and-white, others are coloured. 


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