An Exceptionally Large, Blue-and-White Lobed “Fish Pond” Bowl

Xuande Reign, Ming Dynasty Mouth Diameter: 23cm Xuande Six-Character Mark and of the Period

The deep porcelain bowl has a flared mouth and a low foot ring. It is exquisitely painted in rich underglaze blue-and-white with dark brown spots in some areas. The glaze is very lustrous, and its texture is fine and glossy. The body of the bowl has ten edges. The outside of the bowl is decorated with lotus pond, algae, and four swimming fishes. Inside is decorated with a double blue line edging the rim, lotus flowers, algae, and two swimming fishes. Although the Xuande bowls with similar fish algae blue-and-white patterns are handed down from generations to generations, only two bowls from the Taipei National Palace Museum can be compared with this one. However, those two bowls are smaller than this one. This porcelain bowl is unrivalled in terms of sizes, patterns, painting techniques, and shapes. 

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