Landscape on a Sunny Spring Day

Artist:Wang Shimin, Qing Dynasty Hanging scroll, Ink on paper 104x53cm

Wang Shimin (1592-1680), also known by his zi (designated name) Xunzhi and hao (literary name) Yanke and Xilulaoren, was born in Taicang. He served as Sub-Director of the Court of Imperial Sacrifices in the late Ming dynasty. He specialized in landscape painting. In his early years, he learnt from the style of Dong Qichang, copied masterpieces in the Song and Yuan periods, which were among his family collections, and paid homage to and followed Huang Gongwang’s style. His use of ink and brush is forceful, smooth, relaxed, and delicate. Both Wang Hui and Wu Li were his students, and his grandson Wang Yuanqi was also instructed by him. Wang also specialized in clerical script and was skilled in writing poems and prose.

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