Opening hours during the Spring Festival
Date :  2022.1.20
As Spring Festival is approaching, we have been receiving inquiries about our opening hours during this special time. Our opening arrangements are shown below, please plan your visit accordingly.

Long Museum (West Bund)
❶ January 30th, open till 5pm (latest entry: 4pm);
❷ January 31st, closed for 1 days;
❸ February 1st-3rd, opening hours: 10am-5:30pm (latest entry: 4:30pm);
➍ February 4th-6th, opening hours: 10am-8pm (latest entry: 7pm);
➎ Type the word "book" in our chat box to make an reservation.

Long Museum (Chongqing)
❶  January 30th, open till 4:30pm (latest entry: 4pm);
❷  January 31st-February 4th, closed for five days;
❸ From February 5th, Long Museum Chongqing will resume normal opening, opening hours: 9:30am-5:30pm (latest entry: 5pm).
➍  Due to the corona epidemic prevention and control requirements, the visit requires an appointment at the reception counter.

Long Museum wishes you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year, and we sincerely hope that your 2022 flourishes with good luck and prosperity. Great fortune in the year of the tiger!

Long Museum
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