Long Museum opening arrangements
Date :  2021.2.10
As Spring Festival is approaching, Our opening arrangements are shown below, please plan your visit accordingly.

Long Museum (West Bund)
❶  February 10th, open till 4:30pm (latest entry: 3:30pm);
❷  February 11th-13th, closed for three days;
❸  February 14th-17th, opening hours: 10am-5:30pm (latest entry: 4:30pm);
➍ Type the word "book" in our chat box to make an reservation.

Long Museum (Chongqing)
❶  February 10th, open till 4:30pm (latest entry: 3:30pm);
❷  February 11th-15th, closed for five days;
❸  From February 16th, Long Museum Chongqing will resume normal opening, opening hours: 9:30am-5:30pm (latest entry: 5pm).

Long Museum wishes you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year, and we sincerely hope that your 2021 flourishes with good luck and prosperity. Great fortune in the year of the ox!

Long Museum
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