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May 18th International Museum Day | SHOW Your Cup — Painting a Chicken Cup on Mothers Day
Date :  2018.5.12; 2018.5.18

Dates: 2018.5.12; 2018.5.18

Organizer: Long Museum (West Bund)

Co-organizer: Xuhui District Culture Center

Every year on May 18th, International Museum Day, the museum becomes flooded with people, and this year is no exception. In addition to opening the exhibition to the public for free, we will also provide a separate space, allowing you to display your dreams!  


Everyone has a Chicken Cup at heart.


Even without being the Chenghua Emperor, you can customize your own cup!


The Long museum invites you to paint your very own Chicken Cup on Mother’s Day. 


The chicken cup is shaped like a bowl and decorated with chickens, hens, and cocks. The Chenghua Doucai cup that originated from the Ming Dynasty has been praised by posterity for its beautiful shape, fine glaze, clear color, and elegant composition. 


The body of the Chicken Cup is decorated with a scene of a hen protecting its offsprings, presenting the greatness of maternal love that is praised by the entire world. 


On Mother’s Day, the Long Museum will specially launch a porcelain painting activity of Chicken Cups in an attempt to pay tribute to all mothers! We invite you to visit the Long Museum and customize your own Chicken Cup, depicting your own gratitude to all mothers. 


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