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Body*Identity / Limited Growth
Date :  2018.1.28

The body not only serves as a vessel for the “soul,” but also as a “carrier” of information. Xiang Jing’s current exhibition “Through No One’s Eyes But My Own” purposefully scatters any clues as to the creation process of his artworks. The emerging accidental arrangement allows the viewers to become leading figures in the exhibition, establishing their own views based on the presented clues and picking up on their own identity fragments in the process. In this way, the artist hopes that the viewers can become the main body of the exhibition, actively strengthening their connection with the present artworks. 


The viewers of this exhibition include adults as well as children, who have a unique perspective of thing innate to their young age. How do they recognize their own bodies? How do they evaluate themselves? What kind of “labels” have they designated for themselves? As children, how is their identity different or similar to everyone else’s? How did they grow up? Is this growth limited or unlimited?


We hope that children will not only experience these works with their eyes, but also sense the emotions expressed by the exhibited works. Through this, they can understand their own identity as children in society and express the joys and sorrows of their experiences growing up. 


Therefore, the Education Department at the Long Museum and ARTSPIRE have separately developed courses divided by age-groups related to “Body*Identity” and “Limited Growths,” using the concepts of “sculptural relief” and “breaking out of your shell” as means of interaction. In the process of viewing and creation, we can start to form a better understanding of our bodies and identities and experience the traces of our growth.

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