Workshops & Performances
Experiencing the Souls of Sculptures through Body and Mind
Date :  2018.01.14 14:00-16:30
Long Museum West Bund

“Xiang Jing: Through No One’s Eyes But My Own” at the Long Museum presents five core series from the artist’s oeuvre — “Mirror Image” (1999-2002), “Keep in Silence” (2003-2005), “Naked Beyond Skin” (2006-2008), “Will Things Ever Get Better?” (2008-2011), and “S” (2012-2016) — along with a group of smaller pieces mounted on pedestals collectively titled “I Have Seen Happiness” (2002-2010). Together, they form a spiritual garden that the artist has cultivated for the past 21 years. 


The exhibition revolves around the gallery space as its theme. The artist intentionally covers up the traces of her working process, creating a brand-new space to interact with the viewers and in turn, handing over the viewing authority to each and every viewer.


But of course, questions arise. 


Which of these artworks should you explain to your children?

How do you correctly interpret these artworks?

How to allow children to understand these artworks?

How to make children interested in these artworks?

How to allow children to expand their thinking with these artworks?


The Education Department at the Long Museum has especially invited a professional team dedicated to such Family-and-Kids events (Ms. Liu’s home) to develop an exclusive and engaging floor plan of the exhibition, allowing you to put into effect very cell in your body, listen to the silent whisperings in Xiang Jing’s works, and understand the soul of each sculpture with your body and mind.

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