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Self Saturation — “Antony Gormley: Still Moving” Family Workshop
Date :  2017.10.14

This weekend, the Long Museum Education Department invites sixteen families to come and create together, exploring the relationship between the human body and the environment from a child’s perspective.


In the unique architectural space under the “Coal Hopper” at the Long Museum (West Bund), we will explore painting as a visual way of thinking. Experimenting with play dyes, we will see the tint and saturation brought about by the interaction between material and time. 


Antony Gormley was born in London in 1950. He has been called a “National Treasure” among contemporary artists as well as a “modern Giacometti.” The current exhibition “Antony Gormley: Still Moving” is the artist’s first major exhibition in Mainland China. With major works such as “Critical Mass II” spread out across the gallery space. His virtual abstract architectural structure “Breathing Room IV [RIO]” constructs a three-dimensional space while “Passage II” provides a journey into darkness and the unknown. 


Antony Gormley’s sculptures re-examine the way in which the “human body” is presented in space, but don’t forget, his paintings are equally breathtaking!



1. Official tour conducted by the Long Museum

2. Self-portraiture and plant dyeing

3. Long Museum site-specific work

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