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Children’s Poetry Innovation Workshop
Date :  First Session- 2017.3.26, 10:00-12:30 Second Session- 2017.4.2, 10:00-12:30

Long Museum West Bund

Children’s Poetry Innovation Workshop 


First Session- 2017.3.26, 10:00-12:30   

Second Session- 2017.4.2, 10:00-12:30


The workshop is organized by Long Museum and Youth Creation School. It invites children to take the Song and Yuan art as inspiration, and through systematic thinking, transform intangible ideas into tangible poetry and painting. The event is divided into two sessions. The workshop will help children to master the skills such as aristic appreciation, group work, individual creation, and parent-child co-creation, and they will complete their first piece of poetry and painting in life. 


In order to let children feel that poetry is not boring, difficuly or clichéd; in order to encourage children to understand the essence of Chinese culture, this workshop set up few fun challenges. Through overcoming those challenges, hopefully children will understand the Song and Yuan art.


Challenge 1: Look for inspirtaion based on the exhibition "Diligence and Intelligence: Song and Yuan Dynasties Calligraphy and Paintings from Long Museum Collection"


Challenge 2: Learn the cultural heritage of Song and Yuan poetry, and create a new piece of poetry from a modern perspective 


Challenge 3: Use systematic thinking, turn ideas into visual output 

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