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Family Workshop: Light and Shadow
Date :  2017.3.3, 10:00-12:30
Long Museum West Bund

At the end of last year, Long Art Museum welcomed a "light and shadow magician". He once said: "I want to change people's perception by using light. Just like the skin absorbs vitamin D when you are in the sun, we are actually "eating" the light to some extent. Light is like a magical potion to me. After enjoying these wonderful lights, the way we see our world will also become different."


However, his works are not only about light and space, but also about truth and illusion. Indeed, for half a century, James Turrell has used light and space to create works of art, making visitors feel the limitations and miracles of human senses. On the occasion of James Turrell’s retrospective exhibition, Long Museum collaborates with the Youth Creative School to set up a special family workshop about light and shadow. It will lead children aged 7-14 to explore the diversity of light and space. 


Benefits of participating in this workshop 

· Creativity training 

· Thinking like a designer 

· Learn abstract art and installation art. Enhance children’s skill of artistic appreciation and develop children’s right brain thinking skills 

· Establish children’s three-dimensional vison model. Learn the structure of three-dimensional devices

· Strengthen hands-on ability 

· Improve understanding of geometry and mathematics 

· Ability to analyse colour matching 


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