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Greeting the Inner Light: Fluorescence Yoga
Date :  2017.3.18, 19:00

"Greeting the Inner Light" is a fluorescent yoga event co-organized by Long Museum × Y+Yoga. This event invites participants to experience and practice yoga pranayama in light and shadow, to sense the external light from a new angle and welcome the internal light.


Search for #glowga on Instagram and you will find thousands of yoga enthusiasts doing exercises in a cool fluorescent light environment. Fluorescent Yoga is a unique experience combining light and music. In a dark room, under the catalysis of rich light and shadow, you will find the balance between body and mind from a different perspective. 


Breath is the light that nurtures life. The first breath at birth is the most important and powerful breath and the beginning of life. If it is possible to re-experience the feeling of the first breath in life in a slow way, the participants can control their own breathing in a complex world, clear the stalemate of body and emotion, and reconnect the macroscopic view with introverted light. 


In the course, the teacher will guide a series of pranayama methods for beginners (introspection breathing method, abdominal breathing method, chest breathing method), and add simple asanas as the breathing deepens, and finally rest in a quiet stop. Once again, feel the practice of breathing throughout the body.

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