Red Stone

Artist:Zhou Chunya Oil on canvas 150×120 cm 1999
Zhou Chunya was born in Chongqing, China in 1955; he currently lives and works in Shanghai and Chengdu. Zhou graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1982 after studying printmaking. He then continued his education at the School of Arts of the University of Kassel (“Kunsthochschule Kassel”) in Germany, finishing his studies in 1988. As one of the leading figures in the Chinese contemporary art world, Zhou excels in his masterful use of colors. In over four decades of artistic creation, he has persistently challenged himself in the field of oil painting, drawing, and sculpture, constantly seeking new ways of innovation and transformation. 

In his “Stone Series” from the early 1990s, Zhou combines the colors of Neo-Expressionism with elements of “mountains and stone,” a traditional subject matter in Chinese literati paintings, consequently arriving at his own personal style. Around 2005, Zhou began working on his most celebrated work, the “Peach Blossom Series,” which visually articulates the artist’s renewed spirit and enthusiasm towards both art and life. Zhou’s recent artworks are a testament to his constant research and profound understanding of Chinese traditional culture. 
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