Yellow-ground Porcelain Openwork Revolving Vase with Design of Indian Lotus and Medallion Dragon in Famille Rose Enamel

Qianlong Reign, Qing Dynasty Hight:38.1cm Qianlong Six-Character Seal Mark and of the Period

The vase has a flared mouth, a waisted neck and base, plump shoulders, cylindrical belly, and a raised ring-foot. The inner cylindrical body and the base are glazed with turquoise green. The craftsmanship of the revolving vase is very complicated, which involves openwork, revolving and emblishment. The neck is joined to the interior of the vase. The axis of the vase which connects the reticulated exterior, the base and the foot altogether can spin. Inside of the vase is decorated with twelve magpies, turquoise, Buddha’s hand, and Ganoderma, with the meaning of longevity and good fortune. The components of the revolving vase can not be deformed during the firing and the shrinkage ratio must be similar. This demonstrates the superb craftsmanship and achievements of the imperial kiln porcelain during the Qianlong period.

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