Ping'an Epistle in Cursive Script

Artist:Wang Xizhi Handscroll, Ink on silk 24.5x13.8cm

Wang Xizhi (306-361), also known by his zi (designated name) Yi Shao, was born in Linyi. He is a Chinese calligrapher of the Eastern Jin dynasty, who is good at incorporating clerical script, cursive script, regular script and running script in his own style. He and his son were renowned as the “Two Wangs”. 


Nowadays, except from Wang Xizhi’s stele rubbing of calligraphy, other pieces were mostly calligraphy copy from Tang dynasty or ancient period. Calligraphy in this silk handscroll Pingantie, can be also called by Gaojiangdaotie. In this handscroll, he used delicate but vigorous brushstrokes to produce his unique leisurely style. Wang Xizhi’s cursive script presented an inspiring atmosphere.

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