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Revolutionary Art

Long Museum  Pudong

Organizer:     Long Museum PUDONG

“Revolutionary Art: Red Classics from the Long Museum Collection” is being exhibited at the Long Museum (Pudong). This exhibition presents works created since the Yan’an Era, tracing the origins and developments of modern Chinese art and showcases the unique political, creative and ideological environment in which these works were created. These works not only reflect the artistry of their creators but also records history, narrating historical and political events. The exhibition comprises of over 100 pieces of revolutionary art since Yan’an, including oil paintings, Chinese paintings, prints, sketches, sculptures, posters and pictures. Although the revolution era is now past, the revolutionary spirit still lives on in these paintings, offering an almost tangible sense of fervor and vivacity. Masterpieces in this collection include Chen Yanming’s great work “Chairman Mao’s Inspection of the Countryside in Guangdong”, Shen Jiawei’s “Sentinel of our Great Motherland”, Chen Yifei’s “Thinking of History at my Space” and many more. This is the most comprehensive and extensive survey and exhibition of these Chinese revolutionary art so far.

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Ticket Price: 50RMB/person

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