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Stream of Thoughts: 2024 New Year Theme Exhibition


In our previous New Year's thematic exhibitions, we have focused on New Year's festivals and traditions, and on the seasons of spring and summer, when life is in full bloom. At the beginning of 2024, the new exhibition, which showcases a selection of modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures from a private collection, offers insights into the ideas related to the works, revealing different views of people and nature.

Some of the works reflect a sense of unease and concern about the pitfalls posed by technology and artificial intelligence as early as the prevalence of futurism (1909-1939), which pursued speed and celebrated efficiency and technological advancement; some represent the pursuit of pragmatic modern design, which emphasizes the human-oriented idea by striving for the dignity and happiness of the general publicand others plainly depict the depths of nature, the subtleties of numerology and the mysterious disorder of the natural world, which corresponds to the notion of regarding nature itself as the source of meaning. Those different attitude and opinions embedded in these works will create new ripples in communication with the audience and live on.

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