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PORTRAITS: The Tenth Anniversary of The Long Museum


Curator Wang Wei

Following the tenth anniversary exhibitions "Being in the World", "Multiple Sights" and "A Leisurely Stroll" from October 2022, Long Museum presents "Portraits" as the fourth major exhibition of modern and contemporary art. "Portraits" presents to the public more than 300 selected portrait works by Chinese and global artists, covering 130 years works by more than 200 artists from the late 19th century to the present day. Taking "portrait" as the theme, the audience can see the differences and evolution of the expression and connotation of portrait art in different times, regions and schools.

"Portrait" is an important and huge subject matter, which includes both depictions of individuals and groups of people, and works that show high realistic skills as well as the inner world of people in the trend of the times. Portrait is not only a reproduction of a specific individual's face, but also a summary of a specific person's identity, which is presented through the observations and techniques of artists of their times, whose ways of seeing and forms of expression have had a direct and profound impact on each "portrait" work.

The complex relationship between people exists in every portrait. Therefore, based on the "relationship" that exists in portraits, this exhibition does not take art history as its clue, but rather, on the basis of time clues, it displays the contrasts between different eras and regions, such as the portraits created by the same artist in different eras, as well as those created by different artists of the same generation or across different eras. Through gazing at the "portrait", the audience will be able to appreciate the richness of the creation of the subject of portrait.

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