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Ren Zhong's Ink Danqing Art Exhibition


From July 29 to October 15, 2023, Long Museum (West Bund) is pleased to present the Ren Zhong Ink Danqing Art Exhibition,produced by Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei, with Xie Dingwei as the esteemed curator. This exhibition features an exceptional selection of approximately one hundred calligraphy and ink painting works by the renowned artist Ren Zhong. The artworks showcase Ren Zhong's outstanding mastery of ink painting by spanning diverse genres, including figures, landscapes, flowers, and birds. The exhibition also aims to convey his profound understanding and expression of classical Chinese imagery, encapsulating the essence of this traditional artistic form.

Ren Zhong's art remains deeply rooted in the traditions of Song, Yuan, Wu Dai, as well as the Jin and Tang dynasties, embodying a holistic approach to heritage. His creations transcend specific styles, amalgamating diverse elements and showcasing themes of flora, fauna, figures, pavilions, landscapes, bamboo, and rocks. His mastery encompasses all genres of Chinese painting, with each piece standing as a masterpiece. (Quoted from Chen Peiqiu)

The exhibition commences with Ji Shu Night Dress Scattered Figure (《嵇叔夜服散图》), portraying the esteemed Wei Jin scholar, Jikang, sitting gracefully on a couch with candid shoulders. Created in 2005 Ren Zhong in Shanghai, the artwork reflects the artist's adeptness in depicting Jikang's lofty and secluded character. It symbolizes Ren Zhong's unwavering commitment to individuality and adherence to integrity, sincerity, and disinterest in material gain or personal advancement.

Following the captivating opening, the exhibition unveils Ren Zhong's works from the past five years, thoughtfully divided into four chapters: Long Yin, Xue Jun,Yu Shan, and Yan Zhen, each chapter encapsulates distinct themes while revealing a glimpse into the artist's inspiration. In Long Yin,the artwork reverberates with the strength of the mythical Chinese dragon and the solitude of lone pines, withered bamboo, and hermit-like figures. "Xue Jun" poignantly depicts the simplicity and purity amid a snowy setting, evoking serene elegance. "Yu Shan" presents landscapes, integrating traditional objects such as "Mao Gong Ding - King of Hundred Flowers" and "Falling Leaves - Scattered Plates," exuding classical beauty and artistic finesse. Finally, "Yan Zhen" serves as an insightful amalgamation of the preceding three chapters. While each painting may possess its distinctive subject matter and style, akin to a flock of geese flying in unison towards a shared destination, they collectively embody the essence of the highest pursuit in Chinese painting since ancient times – "to exhaust the divine changes and measure the subtle." Ren Zhong's art, like that of the ancient masters, seeks to explore the divine intricacies of creation and decipher the profound layers of meaning within.

Curator Xie Dingwei aptly lauds Ren Zhong's creative prowess: "Nothing that his works exemplify a profound dedication, focus, precision, and sincerity, complemented by his inherent talent. This amalgamation has culminated in the realization of exquisite and exceptional artistic skills, enabling him to explore and approach the very essence of artistic expression." In recent years, Ren Zhong's artistry "has transcended the confines of conventional boundaries, breaking free from the constraints imposed by tradition and the influence of past masters."

Dou Wei (Chaojian) 's exquisite compositions, including "Snow Bamboo Fugue" (《雪竹赋》) and "Wild Goose Fleet Fugue," (《雁阵赋》)  complement the exhibition, infusing the gallery with an ethereal ambiance that harmoniously resonates with Ren Zhong's artworks. The seamless integration of music and paintings achieves a sublime union of sound and art, transcending the boundaries between the celestial and human. Since his youth, Ren Zhong has been accompanied by Dou Wei's music, guiding him to shield reality and introspect deeply within his artistic realm. This exhibition allows the artist to share the profound emotions and creative mindset that have enriched his artistic journey with the audience.


About the Curator

Xie Dingwei, the son of Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu, holds prominent positions as the General Manager of Shanghai Tianxie Cultural Development Company and the Executive Director of Bund One Art Museum. He is renowned for curating and organizing significant international art exhibitions, including Masterpieces From Musée National Picasso Paris (2011), Master of Impressionism: Claude Monet (2014), Masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou (2016), Impression Sunrise (2020), Monet and Impressionists Masterpieces (2021), and Botticelli and the Renaissance (2023), among others. He has also published notable books like Xie Zhiliu in His Prime (《谢稚柳盛期风华》) and Danqing to Excellence: The Art of Chen Peiqiu's Painting (《丹青致优——陈佩秋绘画艺术》) . In recognition of his exceptional contributions to cultural exchanges between China and France, he was honored as an Officer of the Legion of Honor of France in 2023. Xie Dingwei's profound knowledge and commitment to the art world have earned him a distinguished reputation, fostering global cultural understanding and appreciation.

About the Artist

Ren Zhong, also known as Qianli and hailing from Yiwu, was born in 1976. He is a highly accomplished professional painter and collector, operating his studio named "Bathing Tong Xiaokan." Having practiced art since childhood, spanning over four decades, Ren Zhong ardently delved into the study of ancient masters, both in their techniques, and philosophies. As a young and gifted artist, Ren Zhong possesses a profound intellect and a natural inclination toward continuous learning. Guided by Naiweng's teachings from a young age, he cultivated a solid foundation in traditional Chinese arts, poetry, and literature, extensively studying the works of renowned artists of the past. In his early adulthood, he traveled extensively across the country, residing in places like Beijing, Shanghai, and Sichuan. During these journeys, he sought the tutelage of mentors, forged friendships, and sought inspiration from natural landscapes. He skillfully blends the essence of past masters with his artistic expression, creating pieces of art featuring flowers, birds, landscapes, and figures that exude timeless and tranquil elegance. As Ren Zhong's age advances, his artistic talents continue to expand, encompassing various disciplines. His recent works have gained widespread recognition and earned numerous accolades.

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