Past Exhibitions

Spring in the Year of Tiger

Long Museum West Bund

In the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, the design and expression related to the Twenty-four Solar Terms engrossed the whole attention and hailed as "Chinese-style romance". The special attention to solar terms and traditions reflects people's cherishing of ordinary daily life and optimistic expectations for the future in the post-epidemic era. In March, spring returns and all life revives. The Xuhui District's riverside area in Shanghai, where the Long Museum (West Bund) is located, will also usher the new cherry blossom season. 

The year 2022 corresponds to " Ren Yin" in the traditional cyclical calendar. In the beginning of March, The Long Museum (West Bund) celebrates the Year of the Tiger with the new exhibition Spring in the Year of Tiger displaying a selection of paintings on the theme of spring and vitality from a private collection. The works displayed in this exhibition reflecting the seasonal scenery during the exhibition will correspond to the vitality and beauty of nature in the spring and summer.
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