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Looking Back and Moving Forward ——From the Collection: Celebrating 100 Years of the Chinese Communist Party


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From 1921 to 2021, the Chinese Communist Party has been in existence for an entire century. 

The Chinese Communist Party witnessed the birth and development of various genres of revolutionary artworks, and the resulting “New China” art became one of the most important movements of its kind. Due to the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s, art – and in particular, prints – served as an important weapon that led the Chinese people towards salvation. In 1942, Mao Zedong’s speeches at the “Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art” greatly influenced how revolutionary art and New China art was to develop from the 1940s onwards and induced many artists to create artworks that were in service of the people. This further encouraged artists to work in mediums that were already loved and cherished by the masses. Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the Ministry of Culture, the National Museum of China, and the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution have all hosted numerous large-scale exhibitions that centered on the theme of history, reflecting the continual lineage and development of revolutionary artwork. A large number of artists also began to depict historical scenes and heroic figures from the Revolution as well as the exemplary deeds of the leaders of the Communist Party in a realistic and down-to-earth manner. For this reason, it can be said that the history of New China art is closely related to the development of the Chinese Communist Party. 

The exhibited works come from a private collection provided by Long Museum and range from the 1930s up until the beginning of the 21st century. Of these, works that originated from the 1960s and 1970s are the most abundant; the scenes depicted cover the multifarious aspects of history and truth. Within the larger framework of history, this exhibition specifically focuses on the theme of artistic creation and is divided into two sections. The first section, “The Difficult Years: A Milestone in the Revolution,” mainly centers around artistic creation of the revolutionary and warring years. The second section, “Building the Nation: A Chapter to a New Era,” exhibits a selection of works that emerged after the establishment of New China and focuses on the theme of nation-building. Additionally, this exhibition features a special section on the literature of the time, displaying sketches and manuscripts related to the exhibited works.

The history of the Chinese Communist Party has given birth to countless New China artworks. This exhibition not only provides a comprehensive view of the artistic creation from this special period, but also serves as a reminder of the history and development of the Communist Party. Using this special occasion as an opportunity, the exhibition celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party through a display of the contributions made by the nation’s artists towards the development of New China art. 
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