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Flowing Space

Long Museum  West Bund

 Organizer Long Museum West Bund
Since the middle 20th century, humanistic researches have turned to study the rich content of Space. Michel Foucault (1926-1984) proposed social theories should turn their focus from Time to Space and called the era he lived as "The Epoch of Space". Fredric Jameson (b.1934), a postmodernism theorist even stated that rather than time, postmodern theory is far more engrossed in space. As a common word in our daily life, "Space" has been frequently used in the discussion of Art History under the influence of Space theories since the 20th century, which not only includes the studies of visual and image space of the artworks, but also expands the studies to their cultural and social meanings.

This exhibition displays nearly 20 private collection provided by Long Museum, which were created from the late 1980s to nowadays, showing various space images or scenes painted or constructed by different artists. Some of them are experience-based spaces, some are imagination-based spaces. Through individual works, we will see how artists translate their claims, feelings, memories, imaginations, etc. into visual objects and how they arrange their relationships, so that viewers can see the space and also capture the ideas and emotions through it. Moreover, the viewers may arise their empathy or another imagination from the works, and eventually create new spaces with the works.

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) supposed that it is not the world that is situated within space; rather, space exists within the world. His formulation of how the space comes into being is very close to how space comes into art creation: the meaning of space will only come out by the creation of artists. Through the works displayed in this exhibition, we will have a chance to see the diversity of spaces created by artists, and to observe how they constantly explore new artistic languages, materials and concepts for art creations. 
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Ticket Price: 60RMB/person