Talk visual now

This exhibition will explore paintings and sculptures from the twentieth century to today, and will be show in three parts : 30s-60s, 70s-90s, and the 2000 to now. The exhibition will explore the transmission and continuation of visual culture in art history through the development of time, and explore the genres and expressions of different periods, as well as the trend and style . We can explore the dialogue from different time and space through the exhibition. 

Visual culture study today plays a key role in cultural studies , and it exists everywhere in today's life, such as: photos, movies, social media etc. The concept of "visual culture" was introduced for the first time in 1972 ,  it was not until the 1990s that "visual culture" began to be studied as a discipline. Semiotics was first introduce by Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure and plays a key role in the study of visual culture, Saussure belies that everything in this world has a sign. Roland Barthes believes that semiotics not only exist in the linguistic world but also can be anywhere in the visual world of our life. He uses semiotics to analyze daily life and popular culture, and interprets the changes in the way we see .

The emergence and evolution of genres and styles in the development of history herald the beginning and end of fashion. Those symbolic tags  seems to save us a lot of time to think, but lack our imagination to explore more. Back to the beginning of our own nature, do we really need those definitions to teach us to think,  if the studies of visual culture can truly represent today’s  art world or not.